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Harker Heights TX Guide One of the most well rounded places in Central Texas to start a new life.










“One of the most well rounded places in Central Texas to start a new life.”

Looking for an affordable home ?

In a quiet, clean, beautiful and friendly neighborhood ?

Which has easy access to the highway ?

That’s near

  • quality schools,
  • not crowded commercial and shopping places,
  • several parks and recreation opportunities ?

Check out Harker Heights

  • a medium sized town just outside Fort Hood.
  • a city located in Bell County


Cheaper homes

In term’s of home prices, Harker Heights is not the cheapest.

However, home prices are still lower than the national average.

A typical Harker Heights home’s value is around USD 165,000 (~10% lower than the national average.)

Lower cost of living

The typical household income ranges from around USD 50,000 ~ 65,000 (~20% higher than the national average).

The cost of living is ~8% lower than the national average.

Income tax is 100% lower than the national average.

The poverty level in Harker Heights is 5% lower than the national average.

A mix of the city and the country

Harker Heights is near commercial and shopping places and is also near parks, where they are lots of recreational and family activities.

One commercial place is Market Heights.
Market heights houses most of the good shops in the Fort Hood Area. Development is still on-going which brings more opportunities to enjoy, shop, and maybe get employed.

There are also several retail businesses within the city or just a short drive.

There are several Walmart’s ,several HEB’s, Home Depot, Target Store and many more.

Several parks are distributed within the city. The city’s “Parks and Recreation” department provides a park guide to help you with your desired recreation activity. Find out why they “The Benefits are endless”.

If you want nature adventure, Stillhouse Hollow Lake might be right for you.
The lake is maintained by the army and has the cleanest waters in Texas. Activities include fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, just to name a few.

Quality Schools

One of the education providers in Harker Heights is KISD (Killeen Independent School System
). The following schools serve Harker Heights:

And for higher education:

People in Harker Heights


2000 Census: 185,865
2010 Census: 259,462
2018 Estimate: 288,805
2023 Projection: 308,065

The average age is 32.

66.3% has college education.

Race Distribution

White: 54.18%
Black or
African American: 25.30%
American Indian/
Alaskan: 1.01%
Asian: 3.57%
Native Hawaiian/
Islander: 1.00%
Other Race: 8.14%
Two or More Races: 6.80%
Hispanic or Latino: 24.53%

Age Distribution

9 Years and Under: 17.27%
10-17 Years: 11.81%
18-24 Years: 12.54%
25-34 Years: 18.34%
35-44 Years: 13.67%
45-54 Years: 10.31%
55-64 Years: 8.21%
65 Years and Over: 7.86%

A Health Conscious Neighborhood

Being near a military base, people are conscious about their health.

That are many trails and run routes which are suitable to runners and even walkers.
The neighborhood is also good for walkers — Harker Heights’ walk score is 20.

Local Events

Harker Heights Farmers Market

Community Garage Sale

  • Let Go of unwanted items and clean your homes.
  • For more information email

Trunk or Treat

  • “A free family friendly community event featuring themed trunks, games, inflatables, food trucks, local vendors & tons candy for each trunk or treater.”

For more events around Harker Heights visit

What people are saying

“Harker Heights is the suburb of Killeen Texas and represents the future of all of Bell County in my opinion. The city is extremely clean and well put together. It’s impossible to get lost here unless you find yourself in the maze-like neighborhoods surrounding the city and even then, being lost isn’t so bad because the houses are gorgeous. Heights is one of the most well rounded places in central Texas to start a new life.”


I love this city! There are three major parks, several Walmart’s, Sam’s Club, a shopping mall, IMAX theatre, new hospital, and a new YMCA. Lots of trails and run routes for all you runners and walkers. The restaurants are some of the best in the region. The cost of living is very affordable and the people are very welcoming. Great place for young adults, families and retirees.”


“We have been living in Harker Heights for only 2 years but I absolutely love this area. The primary reason I chose to buy this house is because it would put our kids in the district for all the best rated schools in the Killeen, Fort Hood, Harker Heights area. ”


“I enjoy the neighborhood, my house in on top of the hill near the water tower. Going down the hill it oversees the town of Harker Heights. It’s peaceful and relaxing throughout the area. The shopping area are all ten minutes away driving. The school is well known for academics, as well as sports and their games are fifteen minutes away if its a home game. Harker Heights is a mixture of country side mixed with city side. ”


“I currently live in Harker Heights. I love it because it’s a quiet developing community which have minimal to no crime. There are plenty schools for the resident kids sometimes within walking distance.”


“I am from a small town in Ms and I recently just relocated to Harker Heights ,TAX literally 3 weeks ago and I am in love. I love the hospitality, the environment, the opportunities. This is the best place to live in. The school district for my children is amazing and near by. Everybody is friendly. It’s a small town holding a population of 26,000 but it’s a great environment with a super low crime rate. The crime rate is so low you don’t notice anything. I love it here .”


“Good town, located outside Fort Hood. All of the stores and shops that you could ask for. Better standard of living and nicer neighborhoods than nearby Killeen, TX. City actually cares about its appearance and community.”


“Harker Heights has one of the cleaner environments around. The homes are nice, access to the highway is easy, and the area is not too overcrowded. The schools and athletic programs in the area are also top notch.”


“Harker Heights is very diverse town with lots of amenities close to the location. Not a lot of crimes happen, the cost of living is a affordable, and there are high graduation rates.”


“This is a great neighborhood for families. Thier are great schools and family friendly activities. The local parks are nice and clean.”


“Great place to live no disturbances late at night or anything to that effect. Also all the houses look great not to mention the great people living in them


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