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Belton TX Guide Discover Homes in Belton TX


                                                                               A relaxed small town atmosphere with a taste of big-city amenities

Belton is home to Mary Hardin-Baylor University and two lakes, Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Lake. All year round events and entertainment are held in the Bell County Expo Center. And if you’re looking for a weekend getaway, Austin is 1hour away.

Location and Access

Belton is conveniently located in the middle of Dallas and Houston, And via I35, Austin is just an hour away. So you can enjoy both the privileges of the big cities and the small town.

Most of Belton are either rolling plains or wooded hills. And near Belton are two large lakes: Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow Lake, which offers more than enough recreational opportunities.

Housing and Cost of Living

Belton’s cost of living is 5% below the Texas average, and 14% below the national average.

While Belton’s goods and services are 2% below the Texas average and 9% below the national average.

Housing cost is 29% below the national average.

Belton home prices are around $122,000. This is 33% cheaper than the national average.

Apartment rent is around $750 which is 17% cheaper than the national average.

People in Temple

Belton is home to around 20,000 people.

The average age in Belton is 28, which is younger than the Texas average (34) and national average (37).

Almost half of the population are married.

Majority of the population are white (~82%), while the remaining are either African-American (9.5%) or Asian (1.5%).

75% of the residents speak English, the remaining mostly speak Spanish.

Most (68%) of Belton residents were Texan born, while 10% were foreign-born.


Nolan Creek

Nolan Creek offers a chance for residents to experience wading, tubing or kayaking. Swimming is also possible, though the city government cautions residents with low immune system from swimming. During heavy rainfall, the water level tends to rise quickly, so visitors should take extra precaution.

Jaycee Field

The field is used mainly for baseball games all year round. Located at 1002 W. Avenue I, just across the Housing Authority Park. The facility can be rented, for availability contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 254-933-5861 or 254-933-5860.

South Wall Tiger Park

The park offers a basketball court, picnic tables, playgrounds, swings and splash pad.

Kids will enjoy playing in the tiger themed park especially in the splash pad.

Harris Community Park

The park is ADA accessible. The park has a pavilion, picnic spots and a splash pod. The park is open the whole week except for Mondays.

Confederate Park

Another ADA accessible park, Confederate park if part of a park system that is located near the scenic Nolan Creek. The park is situated near downtown and IH-35. Within its vicinity are Park ’N Ride and the Belton Christian Youth Center.

Harris Community Center

The center has several rooms that can be rented for special occasions. The center offers a unique scene across Nolan creek, making it a good choice for family reunions, graduation parties and wedding receptions

Lena Armstrong Public Library

The library offers access to historical materials in different formats. The library also offers color printing, faxing, internet, printing and computer literacy programs.

Chisholm Trail Park

Chrisholm Trail Park is an ADA accessible community park. The trail is about 1 mile. And the park is located at 3115 Dunns Canyon. The park area allows for several activities such as volleyball, softball and soccer.

Continental Field

Located near Mary Hardin-Baylor, Continental Field offers baseball fields open on a first come, first served basis

Yettie Polk Park

Yettie Poll Park offers families to enjoy via BBQ’s or picnics. The park is also home to events like the Turtle Fest, 4th of July and Christmas on the Chrisholm Trail.

The park is part of the Hike and Bike trail via Nolan Creek, that connects with other parks.

Beall Park

Beall Park is an open space neighborhood park. The open spaces and shaded spots are great for children to play and for family picnics.

Heritage Park

Heritage park offers families to be active via baseball and soccer fields. For a lesser active recreation, visitors can go fishing with the view of the Leon River. Or simply, families can enjoy the day by having BBQ’s and picnics within the park.

Griggs Field

Location near Miller Height Elementary School, Griggs public field offers baseball fields that can be used on a first come, first served basis.

Carla Kay Park

Located at Carla Kay Drive, this park offers a play area and a swing set. Families can take their children to Carla Kay to play or have a picnic.

Bell Country Museum

The museum showcases Bolton’s rich cultural history. There is always something to learn, the exhibits held by the museum changes multiple time a year.

For more information, call 254-933-5800 or visit

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz offers integrative yet fun learnings primarily thru LEGO bricks. Bricks 4 Kidz caters children from pre-school to middle school ages.

Bricks 4 Kidz organizes after-school programs, pre-school classes, LEGO-themed birthday parties, field trips, and LEGO summer camps.

Bricks 4 Kidz also launched “Bricks for God”, children learn the scripture by creating LEGO models of characters from the Bible.

For more information, call 254-598-1172 or email or visit

Community Garden

Bolton’s Community Garden allows residents to own a garden plot for free. Residents wanting a plot just need to show proof of being a Belton resident. The garden is located in Heritage Park, 100 Park Avenue.

Mommy & Me Music and Movement Class

For mothers and their toddlers, these movement classes involve songs, baby sign languages and rhythm instruments. Classes are held in Harris Community Center.

Youth Advisory Commission (Y.A.C.)

YAC is composed of High School Students within the Belton Independent School District. YAC’s objective is to nurture youth leaders geared towards making a contribution in both the community and other young individuals. YAC members supervise the One Community One Day event.


Zumba classes are regularly held twice a week at the Harris Community Center. This is a paid class, but the first class is free for first-time visitors.

Food Scene

The Gin At Nolan Creek

The Gin offers age-old Texas style of cooking with a modern twist. The Gin can also manage your home events through their catering service.

For more information, visit


SOL DE JALISCO is a family business, dedicated to rescuing recipes of the ancient Mexican cuisine with ingredients from the traditional villages of Jalisco.

Jaliscos is a Mexican family-owned resto. Jaliscos serves dishes created from ancient Mexican recipes. The rest uses ingredients from the villages of Jalisco.

For more information, visit

Dead fish grill

Dead fish grill offers a great dining experience near the Belton Lake. The grill provides diners with indoor and outdoor sitting options. They also provide private rooms for business, corporate or special occasions.

For more information, visit


Cochran, Blair and Potts Department Store

Cochran, Blair and Potts offers 8,000+ square foot of high-quality merchandise shopping. The store dates back 1969 and provides a variety of products like safety boots, suits, saddles, etc, in a whole city block of goods, there’s a great chance that Cochran, Blair and Potts has something for you.

Munson’s Emporium Gift Shop

If you’re looking for a unique or wacky gift, checkout Munson’s Emporium. They have novelty and alternative gift options.

My Giving Tree Gift Shop and Art Gallery

My Giving Tree offers unique products which are locally made. Part of the shop’s goal is to foster awards about the of things admirable in Belton. Consistent with its name, the shop gives regularly to charity.

Grothway Square

Grothway Square is a shopping center, where several commercial and retail stores gather. Grothway Square is located at 2427 N. Main Street.


Belton is served by 11 public schools and 1 post-secondary school.

Local to Belton, Mary Hardin-Baylor University offers higher education. Outside or near Belton, there are other options for higher education: Temple College and Central Texas College.

Average test scores are better than the national average. Public schools score 77% compared to 49% at the national level.

Most residents have completed high school (76%), while 25% has a bachelor’s degree.

Public Schools

Primary School

Sparta El

1800 Sparta Rd ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3600

Miller Heights El

1110 Fairway Dr ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3300

Belton Early Childhood School

501 E 4th ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3700

Southwest El

611 S Saunders ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3500

Chisholm Trail El

1082 S Wheat Rd ZIP: 76513 (254) 316-5100

Leon Heights El

1501 N Main ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3200

Tyler El

501 E 4th ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3700

Lakewood El

11200 Fm 2305 ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3100

Middle School

Belton Middle

1704 Sparta Rd ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-2800

South Belton Middle

805 Sagebrush ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-3000

High School

Belton New Tech HS At Waskow

320 N Blair ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-2500

Belton H S

600 Lake Rd ZIP: 76513 (254) 215-2200


Belton households have a median income of around $50000. This is lower compared to the Texas (~$54,000) and national income (~$55,000).

The unemployment rate is 4.4%, which is almost similar to Texas (4.1%) and national (4.7%) rates.

Environment / Climate

Belton is mostly sunny. With the highest rain at 6.2 inches (during the month of May)

The hottest month is August (85 degrees) while the coldest month is January (48 degrees).

The air and pollution in Belton are better compared to the nation’s situation.

Belton’s air quality index is 27% better than the national average.

While the pollution index is 9% better than the national average.

Local Events

Belton encourages families to go outside and bond with the community. The city hosts or co-hosts numerous events and family-friendly activities throughout the year.

As of this writing here are some of the events Belton has lined-up.

Christmas on the Chisholm Trail

A great opportunity to have an early Christmas shopping at Downtown Belton.

The event hosts food vendors, bounce house and visits with Santa.

There is also a parade before the event day ends.

Family, Fishin’ & Fun

In this yearly event, Nolan Creek is stocked with fish from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Rainbow Trout Program. Families can enjoy fishing for free and no license us required.

Daddy Daughter Dance

A night of bonding with Dads and Daughters. Daddy Daughter Dance is an evening date of fathers with their young daughters. Aside from the dance, the event features prices, games, and a photo booth to commemorate this special time.

One Community One Day

One Community One Day is a day when fellow residents volunteer to help other residents. The objective is to help residents who may need help in their yard or repairs.

For more information and updates about the events, visit


Belton residents generally live a healthy lifestyle.

82% of adults are non-smokers.

70% of adults are within normal weight

76% of adults have active lifestyles

What people say

“Great Schools, quiet community, great attractions, and family friendly environment. It has a small town feel for a bigger city. Great expansion growth with new businesses popping up everywhere. Downtown district is historic and beautiful. It is diverse and close to bigger cities with better access. Belton has two beautiful lakes with plenty of access and fun. Also has two water parks to make the hot summers feel cooler.”

“Belton is a very friendly town. Although it is a college town, it is a town to a small private Christian campus. I have never had a bad experience around this town. I have not heard or any criminal activity taking part in this community. The only change that I would like to see is some of the roads needing construction to make the roads a safer place.”

“Belton is the perfect size town! It is big enough to have different choices in where you would like to do business, and still has that small country feel. People are friendly and caring in Belton, and someone always greets you with a warm Hello and a smile.”

“Belton ISD is the best school system in the area. The middle schools and high schools o er many courses that are not available in other area school districts. Middle schoolers are able to take high school math courses up to Geometry, high school Spanish 1 and high school Art. They are also able to take many Pre-AP courses. High school students get to choose between traditional high school and New Tech high school. Both high schools o er dual credit programs with nearby colleges. Speaking of colleges, Belton is a college town servicing the students at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor (UMHB). Downtown is full of small shops and cafes. Belton is the county seat and the home of the Bell county museum. There are many jobs available in Belton, from entry level jobs to warehouse work to professorships and jobs in the medical field. There are lots of choices for whatever you want to do.”

“Belton is a beautiful place to live. It is a small town so everything is close and convenient. However, it is less than an hour away from Austin which has everything you can imagine. The city does a great job with local parks and trails to encourage people to enjoy being outside. I’m so glad I chose Belton as my place to live.”

“Belton is a city that is very family friendly. It has good schools, good food, and a lake where you can go fishing, camping, boating, or skiing. I enjoy living in Belton because I feel safe and know that I can live my life surrounded by nature. I live in an area where the deer will come out and eat in your front yard. Seeing neighbors and nature living together in peace makes this a great place to live.”

“Belton, Texas is the hidden gem of the central Texas area. It’s quaint, clean, and charming. The downtown area hosts live music in the summers and if you need more nightlife year round Austin is only an hour away. Living alone as a single female can be intimidating but Belton has made it very comfortable. The police force is fair and friendly which helps increase the comfort. Demographically Belton is in a great location because it’s not too far to any of Texas’ major cities and the weather is excellent for outdoor activities year round such as Miller springs with its beautiful nature trails and Belton lake with its beautiful blue waters! There is something for everyone here in Belton.”

“It was good place to raise children. The schools are good and if your child has special needs they work with you for the child’s’ benefit. I really enjoy Belton.”

“I grew up in this town there are some fun things to do. There are two lakes to go to during the summer. they have boat rentals and many lakeside parks. They have nature trails, down town they have great places to ear with a small town feel in a fairly good sized town. they only thing I would say could improve is some of the areas downtown are a little run down and not so great to look at.”

“Belton is an awesome little town between Waco and Austin. It is unique because it is simultaneously a retirement community and a college town. This feature makes for unique experiences and a variety of in-town services. For a small town, Belton has a plethora of restaurants and activities. I definitely enjoy living here.”

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