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Don’t Trust a Zestimate

Do you have a friend who uses WebMD when they are sick to diagnose them without consulting a doctor at all? That’s kind of like using Zillow to get the value of your home without speaking to a real estate agent. You might be right, but chances are that you’re not. In fact, you might be way off.

“Zillow has a lot of missing information that’s important to your home’s value.”

Zillow and its Zestimates are good for getting a ballpark figure for what your home is worth, but you’re not really getting the truth. The only way to get your home’s true value is by contacting a Realtor to have them come take a look at the home in person. They will be able to assess the home’s location, condition, and all of its upgrades. Zillow doesn’t look at any of this, even though it plays such a vital role in determining your home’s value.

If you’d like a complete market analysis done for your home that will let you know exactly what its market value is right now, give us a call or send us an email. We’d be more than happy to help.

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