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9 Steps to Selling Your Home

Getting started with your first home-selling experience can be confusing and outright intimidating. The Myles Group has prepared a quick how-to to make sure you’re getting a smooth selling experience, and getting the most out of your home.

  1. Setting up a Listing Appointment
    Get a Myles Group agent to visit your home and they will give you a fair assessment of the value of your home based on the real estate market as well as provide you with different strategies to increase the marketability of your home.
  2. Finding the Right Selling Price
    Your agent will work with you to find the right price for your home based on various market factors and knowledge of the real estate industry. You want to avoid setting the price too high, as you might end up not generating enough interest for your sale but, you don’t want to set it too low either. The Myles Group will provide you with the proper insights, based on years of experience to ensure a solid market presence at a good price.
  3. Getting Ready to Show Your Home
    Let the Myles Group connect you with the right people, to minimize your costs without sacrificing quality. Your agent will set you up with a professional photographer and ensure that your listing and website is properly setup.
  4. Marketing Your Home
    The Myles Group will work to make sure your home is generating traction in the market. They will send out emails and create social media postings to increase the interest in your sale and making sure to collect feedback and provide additional details and clarification that potential buyers may have.
  5. Negotiating the Right Price
    A lot of factors are considered in price negotiation: Timing, terms of finance, contingencies, amendments, improvements and more. The Myles Group will make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible by anticipating and intercepting potential problems.
  6. The Home Inspection Process
    To avoid problems and possible complications, The Myles Group will be ready to communicate and engage in negotiations during the inspection period.
  7. After Getting the Contract Signed
    Once the contract is signed and until the deal is closed, there will be a lot of things to do between the seller and the buyer. The Myles Group will work to make sure that no potential problems slip past unnoticed, no tasks are missed, and that deadlines are met.
  8. Moving Out of Your Old Home
    Letting The Myles Group handle the purchase of your new home will ensure that both buying and selling processes are seamless. The Myles Group will work to ensure that no detail is missed in the moving process before the sale is closed.
  9. Closing The Deal
    Once everything is taken care of, it’s time to sign all the required documents at the Title Company. Once all parties involved are done, the bank will be notified, funding will take place, and you will be given the proceeds from the sale.

Congratulations selling your old home!